CMU Donut Dash

Join us on October 13th, 2012 @ 10am!

  Goal: $10,000

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Total: $15,000
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Schedule and Rules

  1. There will be three divisions participants can enter when signing up:
    Individual (Competitive) Team of 3 Casual
    Entry Fee $15 $39 $15
    Donuts Provided A Dozen Donuts A Dozen Donuts As little/much as you want
    Free Gift T-Shirt 3 T-Shirts T-Shirt
  2. Check in on race day (October 13, 2012) will be at 10:00 am behind Hunt Library. Please arrive on time. Team challengers must arrive together. The Individual Challenge and Team Challenge race will start promptly at 10:30 am. The casual runners will begin at 10:45 am.
  3. Participants in the Individual and Team Challenge will run through the marked course (see map). When they arrive at the UC Turnaround they will eat 12 donuts and will be required to finish all of them. (Team competitors split 12 donuts amongst 3 people). Casual runners do not have to do this; they may eat as many or as few donuts before continuing the race (if they are running).
  4. Once a competitor finishes all 12 donuts, they must find a staff member and receive a stamp indicating that they are still eligible for the challenge. Teams can split the donuts however they want as long as every member eats at least 2 and all 12 donuts are consumed. Casual runners can continue whenever they feel as though they have eaten enough.
  5. Participants will make their way back to the finish line and show their stamp thus proving that they have completed the Donut Dash. The team time does not stop until the last member in the team finishes.
  6. All participants are encouraged to stick around for live music, food, and awards after the run. Winners (top 3 male, female, team) will be announced at 11:30am.

Course Map